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Frequently asked questions

How can I register in the SLH?

We have a simple admission procedure. If you have decided to come to us, download the registration form in our download area and send it to us via e-mail or post together with a copy of your last certificate. After examination by the management, you will receive from us a confirmation email with further information regarding admission to the SLH

Can I use my laptop & mobile phone?
Basically yes. Our comfort rooms have LAN- connections (250MBit). WiFI is available in the standard rooms as well as in our SLH Lounge. Private routers that are connected to the network are not allowed.

Do I have to learn every day?
Basically yes. The SLH is open for study between 20:00 and 21:30. During this time the young people are supported by our educational team. If there are no school-related tasks, it is also possible to deregister more often from compulsory studies.

What about evening out?
As part of the Tyrolean Youth Protection Act and the agreed output, you can also organise your free time in the evening and explore Innsbruck. The time spend outside depends on whether your academic achievements are acceptable and whether you behaved according to our home order. If necessary, we also consult with your parents to find a settlement together. For adults (18 years +), it is often possible under the aforementioned conditions, to get even unrestricted evening out.

In which room will I be accommodated?
Pupil: If you come to us at the age of 14/15, you will be accommodated with peers of the same age or girls of the same age, each in their own area. We pay attention to education, district of origin and wishes (for example to be in the room together with a classmate). If you arrive during the school year or if you are already older, we will make sure that you get a suitable place for you (if available).
Apprentice:Since apprentices have a different schedule than students, they are housed in their own area. Exceptions are possible upon express request.
Student: You are in your own student area accommodating your needs.

I am a hobby sportsman and like to do sports e.g. as part of my sports education. Is that possible while I live in the SLH?
Yes. In addition to some possibilities in the house, we rented the gym of the HTL Anichstraße (3min walk away) weekly for 1 ½ hours. For Nordic walking, jogging, skating, snowboarding and biking starts in the immediate vicinity of a sunny, traffic-calmed route along the Inn (to the west and east). We are also happy to establish contact with the Innsbruck sports facilities.

Can I be at the SLH on the weekend or on Saturday?
Yes. If necessary, we are also open on weekends. There is no weekend operation during the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays of the schools. Simply register until Thursday morning at the secretariat. Important: If you need the "SLH weekend" or the "SLH Saturday" more often a year, then it will be much cheaper for the parents. Possible applications: a homework assignment on Saturday morning, sports training / game on Friday evening in Innsbruck, music lessons or concert, an important private appointment and so on.

I am an apprentice. My place of residence and my teaching are far apart. I am a student. Can I stay with you during school holidays?
Yes. We are a year-round operation and are only closed during the Christmas holidays (from December 24 to January 3) and on the Easter weekend.

I would like to do my school internship or my summer job in Innsbruck during the summer holidays. Can I live with you during this time of the week (Sunday evening to Friday evening)?
Yes. Our support team takes care of you and there is a breakfast buffet from 07:00 to 08:00 from Monday to Friday.

During the summer holidays, is it possible to stay in the SLH, even if I don’t normally live there during term time? (e.g. for a school internship- summer job)

Good food is important to me. I have to be careful though. Do you do vegetarian or alternatives?
Our weekly menu plan is digital and "hung up" in paper form. At lunch time there is a vegetarian alternative. If a special diet is prescribed by a doctor, our kitchen management will advise you in a confidential 4- or 6-eye (personal) conversation.

I do not know Innsbruck yet. Can I get help from you?
Yes of course. We'll help you with tips, free public apps, introduction tour and more.

What if I am homesick at the beginning?
Do not worry, we'll help you. And nobody else in the SLH knows about it. All our employees work "in a network" and have a lot of experience. "Homesickness" means feeling real pain. On the other hand, this sensitivity is also valuable to you, later in your job as well as in your private life. It's also a kind of "compliment" to your parents that you feel most at home with them. Together with you and your parents, we have a number of ways to help you during this painful phase.

What should I do in case of an emergency?
Everyone from our team of employees can help you. As a rule, it is your supervisor, who is on duty. In addition, you will receive an "SLH Service Hotline" number for your mobile when you move in, so you can call us 24/7.