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Holistic care and networking

The SLH Innsbruck is a charitable foundation, the success of our young people is our profit. We at the SLH Innsbruck see the young person as a personality and support him or her individually and appreciatively in their personal development. To achieve these high standards, we all work as a network.

In the interest of young people, the SLH Innsbruck maintains its network with schools, tutoring institutes, providers of school-based training material, sports and musical training facilities, as well as other educational institutions.

To our holistic care belongs the VIP lounge, table tennis, table football, music room, Yamaha electric piano, 150mBit internet, Weekend care, full board, diet cook, educational support, coaching tutoring, library, training semester, in-house funny competitions, and many more.

The SLH Innsbruck is part of the learning world of the young people: student - apprentice - student
(Boys as girls)

Participants in this „learning campus“ include: student-parent-school-training-counselling-school psychologist-tutoring-boarding schools-etc.

We at SLH Innsbruck call ourselves „Campus Partner“.
We focus in our work on the training needs of young people entrusted to us and coordinate the processes in practice with the central needs of parents, school, teaching and studies.

Today we want to be better than yesterday.
And tomorrow? „Tomorrow“ is the new „Today“.

Our goal is to continuously develop ourselves as a "learning company" in accordance with our mission and the requirements of the demographic development of western Austria.


You can support us in our work

We accompany, encourage and support your child so that they can achieve their educational goals and be successful as a young adult. You want to support us with a donation, a legacy? Then we are very thankful. Your donation directly benefits the care of the young people in our house.

Our IBAN: AT76 2050 3013 0000 0245 (BIC: SPIHAT22XXX)
You will immediately receive a donation receipt and we will gladly advise you.